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Lettered Identities

Lettered Identities

Brush Me Up

Lettered identity for a bridal studio specializing in hair & makeup. Extravagant flourishes imitate curls and lips.

Design + Lettering: Kyle Kargov

Draper Photo

Lettered identity and business cards for wedding photographer Bekki Draper.


Mandorla Sweets

Lettered identity and brand developed for gourmet cookie company Mandorla Sweets. A tall neoclassical serif was lettered to embody class and timelessness. The tapered strokes of Optima were called upon for the tagline. The result is a light identity which is both luxurious and approachable. Featured in the 42nd Creativity Print & Packaging Awards – Gold Award.

Art Direction: Marko Zonta
Design + Lettering: Kyle Kargov
Agency: Zync

Draper Design

Lettered identity and business cards for freelance designer Bekki Draper. The client requested blackletter; something comparative to an old family crest, but modern.


Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield

McDonald's Letterings

McDonald's Letterings